Real life leaves no room for shallow faith…

The reason I love Adrian Plass is that he’s so real. He never hides the fact that his life and his faith are far from perfect – but in some way that honesty is exactly what makes his faith more perfect than most. Adrian has recently suffered a stroke, but shows no signs of looking for an easy ‘fix’. His faith has room for this, too:

The thing I want to make clear, though, is that, however shitty things get, they will never be a measure of God’s love for me or those who are close to me. Terrible things happen to Christians. They die in car crashes. They become paralysed. Businesses fail. Dreams plummet. Nightmares become reality. Our leader was crucified. If we can’t beef up our puny little theology by embracing and incorporating these inescapable facts we might as well give up our ridiculous faith and join the Ember Day Bryanites.

I’ve no idea who the Ember Day Bryanites are, but I prefer Adrian’s real life faith any day. God bless you, Adrian, and thanks for being a true disciple.


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